Saturday, January 31, 2009

Be-CHIC issue#3
covergirl: dixiklo
don't you think dixiklo's outfit has CHIC written all over it? lol

the winners of the latest comp (inviting) are Ukraine_AGGL and Matildamildr
vistit Ukraine_AGGL at this link:
visit matildamildr at this link:

Take a look at the new broadcast above. Do you like it? it looks great and everything but i don't like the fact that u have to choose words and can't type them in yourself. =0

look above, it's a sneek peek of the new DKNY collection

i have news on when it will come out. here is what I wrote to stardoll and what their reply was:

Hi disco_2,
thanks for getting in touch with us. the new collections are coming in a few weeks!

Yours Truly,
The Stardoll Staff

You wrote:
when will the new collection of DKNY and limited edition come out? sorry, this has nothing 2 do with important stuff and all but im just very curious

take a look at the new voile dress. I think it's kind of nice.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Be-CHIC magazine
issue #2

check out these new looks above. cute huh? =P
outfit 1 put 2gether by naomi_b
outfit 2 put 2gether by disco_2

News: New Russian Doll
we have passed a long a way!! & Now we reached Russia the world's best creative stuff after China :) We have new dresses In starplaza! & a Doll too!! aswell as sum new furniture.
So New Theme: Russian Doll
Reporter: xxblackgirlmexx Poetry Blender

im sure most of u have heard about the rumour of the new line of DKNY being free when it comes out. lot's of people say it is going 2 b free but im starting 2 have doubts about it now...
i visited the official DKNY website and took the pic above from it, those outfits r supposed 2 b for 2009. think they will cum on stardoll?