Monday, November 30, 2009

Free moonacre necklace

heya stardolls =]]
what do u think of my new banner? Theshinystar made it for me. (Thanks Zoe!)
anyways, here is how to get the free necklace:

(make sure you are logged in to your stardoll account!)

1. go to a proxy site like
2. type in the search URL box:
3. it will direct you to your suite where your necklace will appear in a giftbox

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday's Magazines

To Start off the new planner (for me lol) we have two great Magazine's that have just been realeased.
Poison Magazine - AriannaCarle

It looks fabulous, it's a must read. With great tips and tricks as well as some great graphics!!!

Noise Pop Magazine - kookie-monster & bambi..


With it's mad colours and catchy phrases, Noise Pop is another must read. The graphics are brill and it's fun to look through!

More coming next Monday! If you have a magazine and want it to be featured here, just contact us in the all new chat box!

Zoe xoxo

It's Monday!

I have made up my own little planner of what I will blog about every week. Today is Monday and I will be doing one makover and talking about 2 new magazines that are out! Sounds good huh?

Well today's Makover is our own lovely Disco_2:

Ta - Da!!!

If you want to have a makover and be up on this blog, just ask one of us in the chat box! :)

Zoe xoxo

An All Needed Introduction!

I'm Theshinystar, but call me Zoe.

Disco has very kindly asked me to write for this blog and I accepted! I also (as you can see) have given the blog a hige makeover, just as a thank you gift for letting me be a writer. I will be doing makover's, spoilers, polls, reviews, tutorials, bargains and of course Gossip!!!

I hope you enjoy me writing, and remember to comment.

Thanks again Disco!

Zoe xoxo

New writer!

Hey stardolls =]]
There is now a NEW WRITER! please welcome Theshinystar! =]
so now there are two writers, me and her. You can also expect more posts from now on. ;)
By the way, did u see my new banner? Lol. i know it sucks =P

Friday, November 27, 2009

free dress

A new dress has been released in the starplaza and its free, unfortunately its only for superstars. Quickly go buy it while its still free because this may be a glitch.

Free dress

Hey stardolls
there is a free dress and all u need to do to get it is go to the startpage and click the sign which says "Help Amy Diamond write her new song". from there just write some random lyrics in the box given and the dress will be delivered to ur suite in a giftbox. =)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Looking for Writers!

Hello all =)
As you may have noticed there have not been recent posts or any updates on this blog for a very long time. I have not been free and im still quite busy these days. I cannot manage the blog all on my own so im looking for writers. If you would like to apply for the spot please say so in comments. Fill out this form:
do u have a blog (if yes pls mention link) :
have you used blogger before:
how often can u post: