Monday, December 21, 2009


Above you can see the makeover I did on Orschidea.

The Ugly Truth about stardoll Royalty.....

So I was browsing through [stardoll user] irennnnna's album when I came across this page [image above] about stardoll royalty. I was curious to know what it said and read on about what she wrote. Turns out stardoll staff lied to their royalty members. They kick out non-superstars from the club when their superstar expires- the minute u buy it again, they let u in the club once more. To find out more click the picture above to read the article irennnnna wrote.
I dont know about you but stardoll is really pissing me off these days...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New LE!

how do like the new LE collection? I like it but it is quite expensive (no surprise =P )
[click pictures to inlarge]

Saturday, December 12, 2009


here is another makeover I did, this time on Scarlett1456.
What d'you think? =]]

Friday, December 11, 2009

Stolen Design

As you all know there is a huge design contest on stardoll and not a few days ago u may have noticed the dress design comming in 1st place is by Afia14--Well, its NOT. Afia14 stole the design claiming it as her own. The design is actually from the Dare to Wear Love Show sketched out by Pat McDonagh. The owner found out but didn't take action as she thought it was no big deal but then she noticed the deign was winning and the prize was 400sd , and so took action. Its a real pitty- that was a nice dress and I really thought of Afia14 as being talented for drawing such a design but I guess now we know the kind of person she really is... As you can imagine the news broke out and Afia14's guestbook was filled with rude comments. Afia14 refused to give in and even showed pics of her other designs trying to prove her innocence but nobody was fooled. She has been rightfully removed from the contest.

Stardoll Parties

Stardoll has made a new feature which allows us to throw parties! I think its pretty cool =P its only for stardoll royalty at the moment but it will be availible for superstars soon. There are three rooms to choose from to decorate and have your party; pink room, fashion room and christmas room. Unfortunately the maximum amount of guests is only 10.
(click pictures to inlarge)

New Miss sixty

stardoll has recently released the new miss sixty collection(click to inlarge picture) and unsurprisingly its not exactly cheap =P

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So what do u think? This makeover has been done on UR_A_LOZER. Be sure to visit her stardoll page! =]

Tuesday Tips...

Tuesday's Top 5 Tips:

1. To make your album a little less boring, once you've saved the doll you have just dressed up, write their name and either a little bit about them or why you picked this outfit. Always finsihed it off with a couple of flowers round the edges so it's not all plain text.

2. Enter as many competitions in the Stardoll magazine. Do this every time something new appears, then, forget about them. The competitions you enter the more likly you'll win something!

3. Before you buy a item of clothing, get some of the clothes you already own and try them on together. Find an outfit that fits together with your new clothes. So you don't have to buy a whole new outfit or even have a item that doesn't go with anything.

4. Before you buy an item, check the price and see if there is one similair but cheaper around. Maybe even something that you could make look the same. This will save you money but you'll still look stylish!

5. Look out for new things coming into the Starplaza. You never know if Stardoll might have accidentally made them free!

Zoe xoxo